What We Do

There are always threats in this ever-changing world, now more than ever. As these threats increase or change, we are here to provide services for customers that are mission-driven and innovative. Tego Consulting brings expertise and leadership to its customers to deliver on time, accurate, and exceptional solutions to its clients. With our experience in the Intelligence Community and DoD, our trained personnel are equipped to solve critical problems across various domains.


Research & Analysis

  • Highly skilled in the processing, research, analysis, and production of intelligence products
  • Recognized leader in the field with more than 30 years of target analysis and collecting various types of intelligence
  • Recommend policy strategies on analytic, investigative, and evidentiary processes
  • Provide expertise during national crisis situations

Software Engineering

  • Delivers cloud based solutions within customer requirements and timelines
  • Java (Oracle) and Hadoop (Cloudera) certified software engineers
  • Full cycle software development; experience from bootstrap software solution all the way to maintenance and decommission of solutions.
  • Skilled in Hadoop MapReduce analytics, data processing, data flow, data modeling, and query web services while using RDBMS and NoSQL back end solutions.
  • Combine industry best practices, object oriented programming, and customer requirements to design, develop, and deploy solutions tailored to the customer.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis and development to including spatial analysis and geospatial tools to provide solutions to customers